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The Last Jedi

Just got back, and I'm happy to report that it is very VERY good. And it's not Empire Strikes Back with a new paint job emoticon
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Re: The Last Jedi

I just got back from the movie as well; and I'll try to post some thoughts (but spoilers ahead for it):


Well, it wasn't what I expected at all; to say the least.

The space battles were really good; they did all of those quite well.

I didn't like Benecio Del Toro's character at all. Not just because he turned on Finn and Rose at the end of their encounter; but rather that he was a jerk throughout the entire time he was on screen. He only did one good thing by returning the necklace to her; but that didn't redeem his character at all in my eyes.

For me, it seemed more like a final film to me than a sequel setting up Episode IX...there was so much death; but most of it was unresolved (which might be a lot of Episode IX):

- What happened to the Knights of Ren / the students Kylo took with him? Did they all die? Are they force-sensitive like Ren?

- Luke's death: That was a joke. I was expecting him to perish in the next movie...basically they removed a lot of what people were expecting in the next movie. No one's interested in seeing him just as a force-ghost; they wanted an ACTUAL lightsaber battle with Kylo Ren; not just dodging and talking.

- Leia: No offense to Carrie Fisher (sorry she's gone); but this was a good opportunity to let her character die off in a good, memorable way. Since she's dead in real life; I can't imagine how they will add her into the next film (outside of CGI and body-doubles; which hardly seems fitting for her legacy).

- General Snoke: That was another big joke. I was half expecting him to pull his body back together after being sliced in half! He went down so easily; for being such a big, bad villain who controls the ENTIRE first order! Even Sidious/Palpatine put up more of a fight! And they explained NOTHING of his backstory!

- Captain Phasma: I was really hoping she would take off her helmet at least ONCE before she died. I wasn't too upset to see her die; but it left me feeling unfulfilled.

- Admiral Ackbar: Went out off-screen. Such a shame.

I did like the progression of Rey and Ren's characters though. That was good; good development for both of them.

The Porgs were cute; I liked them. However a lot of the movie seemed to be set up as a morality story: The racing animals, eating the dead Porg, the kids working for the people...there was such a heavy moral to this story it was very distracting from the rest of the film for me.

There were a lot of times that it was hard to tell which side of the fight you were supposed to be on:

- The resistance leader under Leia flipped sides so much, it was hard to tell if she was a coward or a hero (although in the end it was just our misunderstanding from Poe's side that made it that way).

- The way Kylo Ren was; changing from helping Rey to fighting was all in-character, but very hard to get a feeling if I should be supporting him or hating him.

- Benecio Del Toro: Already talked about that flip-flopping guy too much.

Also they changed A LOT about how the force works, at least from past films:

- Talking by force over great distances: Jedi could sense others over great distances; but never saw them have a face-to-face chat that way.

- Dead Jedi powers: They were always just holograms (basically) before; not able to affect the world by conjuring lighting and actually touching living people.

- Projection: A Jedi or Sith was never able to project themselves in other places; much less other planets!

Yoda appearing again was nice though.

Overall I would say that this wasn't a satisfying film for me. It left me feeling like it was trying to wrap up too much from prior films (even Episode VII); and trying to start anew with only very few characters returning from any previous films; while introducing only a few new ones. It felt like they were cleaning house; getting rid of a ton of characters...all wrapped up in a "feel good moral-of-the-story" package.

I can only hope the last film will be better.


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Re: The Last Jedi

Caught it today. I enjoyed it. Some of the dialogue felt a little...contemporary (like Poe's distraction of Hux). And I was surprised that this seems to take place immediately after The Force Awakens.


It had some interesting stuff going on, but I did kind of expect it to end a few times. Like that stand-off between Luke and the First Order's could've iris'd out right then and there...

Could've used more backstory on Snoke, sure. The way he was hyped up, only for him to go out rather quickly. I mean, it was clever how they did it, but where did he come from? How'd he get the whole boogeyman notoriety?

Speaking of clever: Luke's fight with Kylo. I didn't really realize that he was a little younger-looking until well after the fight, after I was thinking "please don't cut Skywalker in two, PLEASE don't cut Skywalker in two", but at this point it'd be just tacky. Sure, it's something new, but at the same time, I can see him getting stronger since Episode 6, even if he went into seclusion.

Leia's use of the force...yeah, okay. Sort of outta nowhere, but I wouldn't have liked lingering on her if she just asphyxiated in space.

I'm a little torn on Luke's philosophy, though. He's like, "the Force is for everyone", which, okay, yeah that's understandable. But "the Jedi must end" seems a little defeatist when there are still Sith around. If there are no more Sith, and you want balance to the Force, then I can see some manner of sacrifice on the Jedi's side (not necessarily death, but "cutting oneself from the Force" or something). But if Snoke and Ren are around, and no one opposes them, then there's no balance.

Poe's side-quest had some fun to it (like that drunk alien waiting for BB-8 to pay out), and showing the seldom seen better off people in the conflict, but it did feel to go a little long. I get that they couldn't just have Finn and Rose infiltrate the lead ship right off the bat, and there is that kind of emotional connection with the kids at the end, but I think there had to have been something to...streamline it.

Kylo...he's not a leader. He's going to serious fail trying to maintain structure in the First Order. Eventually, he's going to run out of officers to Force-throw out the door. And given his emotional fragility, that wouldn't be more than a month.

Overall, not bad, still fun and entertaining, but not without some issues.


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